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Environmental Protection

At Top Glory Marine we recognize that the preservation of the environment and the awareness of our environmental footsteps in all our endeavors are of paramount importance. By committing to our Quality and Environmental Protection Policy, we are striving to consider the protection of the environment in all our business decisions.

This includes our commitment to the following principles to protect our planet:
  1. Reduce the environmental impact of all our services

  2. Set and review targets and objectives for the protection of the environment.

  3. Continuous improvement of our environmental performance and environmental management system.

  1. Guide our customers and business partners to reduce and minimize waste.

  2. Train our employees in our environmental principles and policy.

  3. Expect adherence from our disposal partners to the Top Glory Marine Code of Conduct and Environmental Charter.


Waste Streams Monitoring

All waste streams, which are given ashore to port reception facilities, are tracked from the initial declaration onboard until delivery into final destination ashore.
We monitor and record each waste stream through our Enviro Fleet Cloud ensuring high transparency to our clients who are able to track KPI’s, set measures and make comparisons based on documentation provided.
We hold our suppliers to the same high standards to which we are committed in regards to environmental protection. All waste management companies in our network are committed to avoiding negative impacts on the environment and to continuously improving their environmental performance and environmental management systems.
Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC)
Our global supplier network is aligned with our customers’ main transport routes. To join our network, TGM suppliers must acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment and are guided through our SCOC. We encourage our suppliers to commit to the principles stated in our SCOC not only when conducting business with TGM, but across their business operations. The SCOC requires, among other things, that our suppliers act in accordance with applicable law, that their operations do not harm the environment, and that they make ethical decisions in their operations.
The suppliers must acknowledge and agree to be audited in accordance with the Environmental Charter and further acknowledge that this Environmental Charter is a basic component when partnering with/ working with TGM.
The suppliers must operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner to:

Zero Spill and Anti - Pollution Procedure

We are communicating to our supplier network that our zero spill and anti-pollution policy is a Key Performance Target.


TGM takes care to constantly monitor and evaluate the health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) of the disposal companies we work with to meet our customers’ disposal obligations under local regulations and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MARPOL Convention.
To meet these important requirements, we audit the disposal companies on a regular basis.
Even during the challenging times of Covid 19 we established an online auditing system to ensure that all criteria regarding our environmental standards are in place. This way we are also reducing our travel requirements and assisting in reducing our environmental footprint on the planet.

ESG Profile and Reports

As TGM, we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, our supplier network and our customers with regard to sustainable corporate governance. A significant influence on our actions and the design of our environmental and quality management system are the UN sustainable development goals.
The SDGs provide guidance globally for us all on how to address the global challenges facing the planet. ‘It is about better protecting the natural foundations of life and our planet everywhere and for everyone, and preserving people’s opportunities to live in dignity and prosperity across generations.’
At TGM we are committed to following these goals in order to provide a better working environment for our people and more sustainable operations.

Plastic Offset

Through our Enviro Fleet Cloud our customers are able to track the generated plastic waste on board of each ship and have exact figures for an offset.
We are committed to reducing the plastic in our oceans and seas and this is one way to put our words into actions while also doing our utmost to create more sustainable services for our customers.
Reducing the production and consumption of plastics is also one of the 17 SDG’s by the UN, which makes this service crucial.

TGM ESG Profile

TGM ESG Report