The first platform provider for ship's waste management



Founded in 2013 in Oldenburg Top Glory Marine Service GmbH & Co. KG is the first platform provider for ship's waste management worldwide. The platform consists of waste disposal companies and ship owners/ managers. Using economies of scale and by the development of a customized offload-strategy we can achieve lower prices for the disposal of MARPOL relevant materials.


Our team of 19 experts from the waste management and shipping industry works from six offices located in the main trading areas of our customers always focused on their requirements and facing the everyday challenges.

Registered Suppliers

The participating waste management companies are regularly audited by our HSEQ department. A real-time ranking of preferred suppliers in the ports benchmarked on successful carried out services guarantees the choice of the best disposal company.

Regularly operated ships

With a constantly growing network of waste disposal companies in ports all over the world around >400 ships are regularly served.

SPRO covered ships

Members of the platform also benefit from our SPRO service through our branch office in Tianjin, China. We support ship owners in this regard and offer a 24/7 service with German contact persons.

Cloud for everything

We offer our customers a complete documentation of all services done in order to achieve high transparency and support companies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. The processing of our services is carried out completely via our Enviro Fleet Cloud and can be viewed with a customer access.


Become a member of our platform and benefit from the advantages

We develope a customized offload strategy for your fleet by preparing a waste management plan according to the ship’s schedule for all waste streams generated on board. By this cost effective disposal can be guaranteed. Through the platform character a strong market power will be achieved and allows lower fees for sludge and garbage disposal in ports.

We provide a 24/7 service of an experienced team. If you decide to be a member of the platform no additional workload will be generated in the office or on board the ships.

Via the TGM owned EnviroFleetCloud members have direct access and full transprency through the realtime analysis on offloaded waste streams per vessel, fleet and per customized time period. The cloud guarantees a complete documentation which support especially ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified companies.

Our worldwide network of disposal companies is audited by TGM HSEQ department. We realize a real-time ranking of preferred companies inside the ports benchmarked on successful carried out services. Branch offices of TGM in the hotspots of the global shipping industry and the main trading areas of our members are supporting same in every respect.

Our TGM branch office in Tianjin, China additionally supports our members regarding the issuance of SPRO agreements and coverage certificates on a lower-cost basis especially in most frequent ports like Qingdao, Dalian, Xiamen and many more.


Silke Fehr

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Capt. Hans-Jürgen Petermann

General Manager Cargo

Cathrin Prikker

Business Developement Manager

Überseeallee 1
20457 Hamburg





Unfortunately we don't have any vacancies available at the moment but if you are interested in working with Top Glory Marine Service please feel free to send us your application.

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