Top Glory Marine

Top Glory Marine joins innovative everwave project to protect oceans from plastic

Leading waste disposal services provider Top Glory Marine (TGM) has utilised the concept of plastic credits through the innovative everwave project in a bid to offset the plastic waste generated by its offices over the last few years.
Being the first company offering waste disposal services worldwide through its network of verified disposal companies, TGM’s dedication to high environmental and quality standards has had a significant positive influence on its ecosystem and network.
Purchasing plastic credits through the everwave project has enabled TGM to be part of its visible impact – thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and supporters, such as TGM. Everwave has been able to remove more than 500,000 kg of waste from the water in Europe and Southeast Asia. The startup does not only cleanup, but also builds up new waste management infrastructures to sustainably close the waste loop.
Managing Director of TGM, Silke Fehr said: ““As a company committed to the environmentally friendly disposal of ship’s waste, everwave’s holistic approach was immediately compelling.”
“We not only promote this best practice among our customers, but we are also working on an add-on for our Enviro Fleet Cloud to make it possible for our customers to easily compensate the plastic waste generated by the vessel when it has to deliver in a port where no recycling facility is available,” added Cathrin Prikker, Director, Business Development and Sales at TGM.
The TGM-owned Enviro Fleet Cloud documents all disposal jobs completed for the fleet and enables the customers today to monitor and analyse the waste streams generated per vessel, the place and date of disposal and the costs incurred.
Everwave’s strategy focuses on preventing plastic from even entering the oceans.
Clemens Feigl, CEO & Co-Founder at everwave explained: “We are starting this in the main entry pathways: the rivers. To do this, we use active and passive cleanup technologies to efficiently collect trash and return it to a sustainable cycle.”
“One of the main problems is, that no one feels responsible for waste. Without the support of TGM and our other partners, we would not be able to clean up. We are excited to cooperate with everwave in the long run. This year we are looking to partner with other pioneering companies to cover the full range of waste offsetting beyond plastic waste,” added Ms Fehr.

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